After finishing my dissertation on the theme of ‘Christendom’ in the political theology of Oliver O’Donovan, I have continued my research in the field of public (especially) political theology. My aim is to bring the neocalvinist tradition into dialogue with contemporary debates and proposals concerning the public calling of Church and Christians in a postchristendom context. I am developing a reinterpretation of the work of the Dutch theologian and statesman Abraham Kuyper, which neither concurs with an all too harmonious christian-liberal pluralist interpretation of Kuyper nor with the view that considers his aim to be a cultural re-christianisation. Kuyper’s position, in fact, came close to contemporary neo-Augustinians and even contains ‘post-Constantinian’ sentiments. Using this reinterpretation I hope to organise a challenging exchange between Neocalvinism with its typical Dutch tradition of Christian public engagement and contemporary ‘neo-anabaptism’ and ‘post-Constantinianism’ with their characteristic emphasis on the church as an alternative polity.

Other fields of research and practice in which I am involved include sexual ethics (especially homosexuality and its problematic relation to the orthodox reformed and evangelical traditions), ethical hermeneutics, virtue ethics, the ethical function of (religious) emotions, the relation between ethics and spirituality and the spiritual and ethical formation of the church as the cruciform beginning society of God’s future kingdom.