Featured Author - Professor Th Dr. Ján Liguš, PhD

Professor Dr Ján Liguš is chairperson of the Department of Practical Theology, Ecumenism and Communication at the Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague. His article “Master Jan Hus – Obedience or Resistance” appears in the April 2015 issue of European Journal of Theology.

Article Summary - Master Jan Hus – Obedience or Resistance

This paper focuses on Master Jan (John, Johannes) Hus (1371-1415), the Czech theologian and reformer who was condemned to death by the medieval Roman Catholic Church and burned at the stake in Constance on July 6, 1415, that is 600 years ago this year. We will look at the theme of ‘obedience or resistance’ in his life and work from several sides: after a sketch of his time and some biographical data, we review the church’s situation at the time of Hus and his struggle. We describe his stay in Southern Bohemia and his treatment at Constance; finally, we look at Hus’ main theological emphases including his personal understanding of vocatio interna et externa.